If you’re ready to immerse yourself in American life and prepare to attend college in the U.S., apply to Foxcroft’s 国际项目 as a full-time student. Application materials are due February 1.



  • 美国

  • 阿富汗

  • 阿塞拜疆

  • 巴西

  • 保加利亚

  • 加拿大

  • 智利

  • 中国

  • 法国

  • 德国

  • 印度

  • 日本

  • 墨西哥

  • 菲律宾

  • 西班牙

  • 台湾

  • 泰国

  • 联合王国

    • 三个福克斯克罗夫特学生在比赛后

——玛丽安 & Gero, Fania M的父母. ’23

“我们的 daughter learned so much more than only school matters at Foxcroft. She learned how inspiring the exchange with foreign cultures and people can be — and maybe she found some friendships for the rest of her life.”


我们的 国际项目 offers a terrific college preparatory education along with unforgettable life experiences. 我们的 top-rated girls' prep school welcomes students from more than a dozen countries each year and instantly includes them as part of our friendly and diverse community. Each new international student is paired with an International Ambassador student mentor before she arrives, to help her adjust and find her lifelong friends. Students have fun weekend activities designed just for them, including regular trips to the international market to shop for foods that remind them of home. 我们的 international students take full advantage of opportunities for service and leadership, 作为社团负责人参加活动, 类人员, 实习生, or volunteers for local organizations throughout Virginia.

在学业上, our program is appropriate for students from an advanced level of English proficiency to those who are bilingual. Special English and history classes help those who need to improve their academic language skills. 我们的 full-time Director of International Student Services supports girls in many aspects of their lives and when the time comes, our international students all do well in college acceptances and find that they are well prepared for college.



  • 应用程序清单

    To be considered for admission to 特学校, international applicants must provide:
    • An 在线申请 (with parent and student questionnaires, an essay, and an application fee of $150 USD)
    • 托福考试 (Foxcroft代码1864)或 雅思考试 分数.
    • SSAT (Foxcroft code 3250) 分数 (optional).
    • Academic transcript (current year and two prior years)
    • Recommendations from Math and English-language teachers
    • 面试(面对面或Zoom)
  • 学生的学费 & 费用

    国际学生学费 includes fees associated with the enrollment process and international student support. 点击这里 to view a schedule of tuition and anticipated fees and expenses.
  • I-20 /学生签证

    An I-20 is issued to a new international student after we receive the Enrollment Contract, 护照复印件, 还有学费押金. The I-20 is essential for the student to attain their F-1 visa for study in the 美国. For information on the SEVIS and I-20 process, families should contact campus PDSO 土卫五凯悦.



  • 凯瑟琳 Tomaskovic摄

    凯瑟琳 “凯特” Tomaskovic 

    Director of International Student Services
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