Foxcroft accepts students based on their qualifications without regard to their family’s financial situation. Families are encouraged to apply for financial aid when t在这里 is demonstrated need and to explore merit scholarships available as appropriate. 我们的女子大学预科学校, 位于弗吉尼亚州, offered 51% of the student body need-based and/or merit-based aid for the 2022-23 school year, 总计2美元.1 million in need-based aid and $500,000 in merit-based aid.

从2023年开始, BET体育官方APP下载与Clarity合作, 一个第三方提供商谁很快, 有效地, and confidentially analyzes household income data to generate an estimated family contribution. The application completion time averages 20 minutes.

Effective August 1, 2023, all new applications will be processed through Clarity. Any applications in process through SSS (former system) will remain open through August 31. No new applications for new or returning students should be submitted through SSS.


T在这里 are a limited number of endowed, merit scholarships available to students. Other merit scholarships for new students do not require an additional application. They are awarded based on the overall strength of the general admission application and on specific criteria stipulated by the donors.


露丝T. 贝德福德32届艺术奖学金, a $25,000 grant-in-aid for which you must apply, honors Ms. Bedford by supporting girls who share her passion for the arts and who embody her sense of adventure and enterprise.


玛氏奖学金及优异奖 are multi-year scholarships awarded to students with a demonstrated ability in the areas of literature and the arts; science and math; and civics, 政府领导和历史, and a particular interest in service to their community.


2008年匿名成立, this fund provides merit-based support to ITs (daughters and granddaughters of alumnae).


福克斯克罗夫特非常感谢许多捐助者, 通过他们的慷慨和体贴, have provided the opportunity for future students to attend our boarding school. These funds do not require an additional application and are awarded based on the overall strength of the general admission application and on specific criteria stipulated by the donors. 当与基于需求的援助相结合时, named scholarships may replace portions of FA awards to permit the funds to be used to support other students.



Through the incredible generosity of a loyal Foxcroft family and Lou Womack, Foxcroft is pleased to be able to offer two full scholarships honoring 玛丽露易丝 Leipheimer and 杰斯Y. 沃玛克分别. These scholarships are for a maximum of four years each and become available when the current holder of the scholarship graduates. No additional application is required for these scholarships. 


Established in 2005 by a loyal Foxcroft family, the 玛丽露易丝 Leipheimer奖学金 是为了纪念玛丽·路易斯·莱菲海默而命名的. 前校长, Mary Lou devoted most of her professional career to Foxcroft before retiring in 2014. Her four-year scholarship is awarded to "a student who possesses the ability to work hard and play hard. 这个学生展示了这些品质, 在年轻人中经常被忽视, 最典型的例子是玛丽·卢:荣誉, 奉献, 忠诚, 幽默, 格蕾丝, 还有一颗善解人意的心."


Established in 2008 by Lou Womack, in memory of her husband Jess, the merit-based 杰斯Y. 沃马克二级奖学金 makes a Foxcroft education more readily available to girls with enthusiasm for making the most of the Foxcroft experience.


学费 for the school year for boarding students covers tuition, room, board and meals. All day students have a room and may board for two days per week and for weekend events and programs (in addition to the first month of the school year, 这是必须的). All students, both day and boarding receive three meals per day. 请点击下面的链接查看我们的 学杂费汇总.


To help families manage costs, Foxcroft offers several convenient payment plan options.


  • 付款方案选择

    计划: Deposit due within 10 days of contract signing; 100% of 学费 & 7月1日到期费用st
    B计划: Deposit due within 10 days of contract signing; 60% of 学费 & 7月1日到期费用st & 其余40%将于11月1日到期st 
    C计划: Deposit due within 10 days of contract signing; 7月1日到期费用st; 学费 split into 10 equal payments due on the 1st 从五月到二月
    ***付款计划选项可能会更改. 可用性可能因注册合同而异.
  • 学费退还保险

    学费退还保险 is required for families on a payment plan and is an option available to families who choose to pay in full. 

  • 贷款披露的真相

    特学校 is required to provide a 贷款披露的真相 to families opting for the 10 month payment plan. A generic 贷款披露的真相 can be found 在这里. If the 10 month payment option (Plan C) is selected, then you will receive a customized 贷款披露的真相 via email from the Business Office within 3 days of enrollment contract completion.

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